Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. manufactured these personnel air showers for the US Navy at North Island. The workers are exposed to Hexavalent Chromium on a daily basis while sanding, abrasive blasting, or painting Navy aircraft and support equipment.

These air showers allow the workers to enter the booth and have the Hexavalent Chromium dust blown off their work clothes. The dust is being removed from the booth with a high-pressure ventilation blower/motor and through a two-stage filtration system, including a HEPA filter before the air is discharged back into the work area.

This system allows the workers to safely remove their work clothes to minimize the exposure to the Hexavalent Chromium.

These showers were designed to be placed into the large paint booths and abrasive blasting hangars and were designed and build to Class 1, Division 1 electrical code making them suitable to be placed into an explosive environment.
The air showers are completely portable and can be moved from site to site with very little effort.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. can design and engineer any type of air shower to meet your needs and space limitations. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc.
Shaw AFB Personnel Air Shower from AFG Blast Booth

Stand alone Air Showers with Integrated Dust Collection and HEPA Filtration Manufactured for the US Navy North Island San Diego CA