Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. offers a wide variety of abrasive blast booths to fit your current facility.

We can also design an abrasive blast booth to meet your specific needs.
We offer blast booths with a single wall mount media recovery to full-floor media recovery systems. Our media blast booths are designed to handle all types of abrasive media, including plastic, wheat starch, aluminum oxide, steel shot, and glass beads.

Our blast booths can be fitted with overhead trolley hoist, turn tables, roll-up equipment doors, heated and cooled air make-up units, clean dirty rooms, air wash entry/exit doors, and equipment winches.

We offer complete training, maintenance, parts, and service on all of our equipment.

All of our equipment is proudly "Made in the USA."

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc.

CH-47 Abrasive Blast Booth Gulfport MS With AFG Side Lifts

Shaw AFB Abrasive Blast Booth With Integrated Personnel Air Showers

Blast Booth With Integrated Dirty/Clean Transition Tunnel

HEPA Filter Dust Collector Retro-Fit to Discharge Air Back Into Hangar

Abrasive Blast Booth with Full Floor Recovery, Temperature Controlled, Designed, Manufactured and Installed by Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. for Army Air Guard for stripping of CH-47 Helicopters.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc.

Above Grade Full Floor Abrasive Blast Room for US Air Force Qatar

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc.

Abrasive Blast Generator, Storage Hopper and Reclaim Cyclone

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc.

Full Floor Recovery System