Smarter, Smaller Collectors

The PowerModule® Dust Collector has a smaller footprint compared to the typical cartridge filter collector by up to 70%, which clears space for other equipment.

The PowerModule® collectors series lowers your total cost of ownership by having fewer filters, less downtime, and lower shipping cost on replacement filters.

One PowerModule® filter pack replaces up to twenty 8' bag filters or three cartridge filters.

Our cartridge dust collectors meet the most stringent guidelines for particle emissions, provide a cleaning efficiency of 99.999%, and filter particles down to .5 micron. All of our dust collectors come with a HEPA filter option.

If you would like further information on any of our PowerModule® Dust Collectors, please contact us.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc.
Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc.

Zero-Turn Pulse Cleaning System

We call it Zero-Turn because the pulsed air is blown directly into the filters for maximum cleaning effectiveness. The V configuration of the Power Module filter packs aligns the flutes in a near-vertical formation allowing the dust to be pulsed directly into the hopper, preventing pulsed dust from being re-entrained on adjacent filter packs. This directional alignment is only featured on the PowerModule® dust collector series.

Changing the filter packs is clean and easy. Unlike typical vertical cartridge filters that hang up when you remove or replace them, changing filters requires no special tools.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc.