GEN-3™ ACGIH Abrasive Blast Cabinet
"Proudly Made in the USA"
(Patent Pending)

The GEN-3™ has the following features

GEN-3™ ACGIH compliant dry stripping cabinet with media reclaim system is designed for plastic media blast, glass bead and other abrasives. Our Gen-3™ ACGIH cabinet complies with the requirements of the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) Section 10.80.1, figure VS-80-01 and is patent pending.

The major components of the GEN-3™ ACGIH include:

  • Blast enclosure, media recovery, reclaim and blast system, dust collector, fully gasket drum cover, hoses, and nozzle.
  • 60” W x 50” D x 38” H inside working compartment, with 1,200 CFM of ventilation
  • Two 43” W x 30” H doors
  • Interlocks to prevent blasting with doors open
  • One piece heavy-duty Anti Static operator gloves
  • Dust tight four-tube fluorescent light fixture providing 200 foot-candles of lighting in the cabinet
  • All 10-gauge steel construction
  • Top entry blast hose for less arm stress
  • 15” H x 30” W operator viewing safety glass window.
  • Clear View, this improves visibility by creating an airstream across the operator window.
  • 1,200 CFM media re-claimer with two-stage cyclone separator/air wash, vibrating screen, with magnetic separation.
  • The 1,200 CFM media reclaim system offers an unmatched ability to get the maximum amount of use from each pound of media. The high CFM, high static pressure-reclaim system elevates particle velocity and improves media separation, which translates to lower media costs. The cyclone is engineered to accommodate 1,200 standard CFM and to allow fine tuning of particle size removal from the process mix.
  • GEN-3™ ACGIH has a 1.5 cubic foot ASME coded blast generator with 65-degree bottom angle of pressure vessel with air injection module in the lower portion chamber for smooth non-pulsing media flow.
  • Media flow rate is controlled by a hand-adjustable media metering valve with flow control, clean-out port.
  • Blast on/off is controlled by the operator foot pedal.
  • Air pressure regulator with remote controller and gauge mounted on cabinet control panel for easy operator access and control.
  • 1,200 CFM certified dust collector has primary cartridge filters and secondary HEPA filters, allowing direct ventilation into worker occupied spaces. Primary filter has three cartridges with 732 square feet of cartridge filter area and filtration efficiency of 99.8% at 0.3 microns.
  • Secondary filtration is HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters rated by CFM capacity and the GEN-3™ ACGIH is rated for 2,000 CFM, a generous margin above the 1,200 CFM of the system. HEPA filter efficiency is 99.97 to 0.3 microns.
  • Both the primary HEPA filters and HEPA pre-filters are on the suction side of the blower, assuring operator safety because no dust is under positive pressure, preventing dust—blow-out.
  • Automatic reverse pulse dust collector cartridge cleaning accomplished on operator control panel above blast enclosure viewing window.
  • Pressure drops across primary and HEPA filters are displayed on separate Magnehelic gauges.
  • The GEN-3™ ACGIH has a “dustless” waste removal system. Contaminated dust is automatically deposited into a 55-gallon drum or other suitable container. Waste removal is accomplished without an operator touching the dust/waste container. The machine has a locking handle/drum cover mechanism that allows operators to simply “lift and lock” the dust collector discharge nozzle, remove the fully gasketed drum cover and remove the waste drum. This allows the drum to be removed with a pallet jack. The operator need never touch a dust drawer or transfer dust to another container.
  • Dust Collector filter cartridges are easily accessed for removal via a hinged door secured by four “over center” type locking clamps.
  • The entire 7.5 HP, 3,450 RPM, TDFC motor blower assembly is located in a sound-proof enclosure and also exhausts into sound silencer cage keeping blower noise level less than 80 dBA.

We offer several options to make the GEN-3™ Ergo friendly in a production setting:

  • Adjustable Padded Armrest reduces operator fatigue and facilitates the handling of large parts within the cabinet
  • Recessed lower cabinet panel allows the operator to blast from a seated position
  • Lower adjustable footrest with cabinet blast foot control for operator comfort
  • Turn tables to assist in handling heavy parts or aircraft wheels
  • Rubber lining for aggressive blast media

We offer a wide variety of abrasive blast cabinets to fit your current facility or we can design one to meet your specific needs, big or small.

Our blast cabinets are designed for safety, ease of operation, and maintainability.