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Maintenance Service Contracts

Aerospace Facilities Group Field Service Division engineers, installs, and maintains:

    • Compressors
      (Rotary Screw, Reciprocating, Oil-Less, Breathing Air)
    • Make-up Air units
    • Environmental air conditioners/HVAC
    • Air Dryers
    • Compressed air piping installation and repair
    • HVAC and dust collection ducting
    • Abrasive blast systems (Booths, Cabinets, Building, Hangar)
    • Recovery systems 
      (Floor, Trough, Pneumatic, Screw, Vibration, Gravity, Bucket Elevator)
    • Dust Collectors (Filter, Bag, Air Wall, Wet Wall)
    • Paint Spray Booths (Low Observable)
    • Automated/PLC Controlled Systems
    • Electrical systems
    • Safety (Fire Suppression, High expansion Foam, AFFF, C/O Monitoring)
    • Site Excavation
    • Concrete
    • Installation of all equipment
    • Building Erection
    • Site and/or project management

Our Field Service Engineers’ bring the highest level of skill, training and technical experience to meet your exacting requirements. Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. provides vendor based training for all of our field service staff. Each Field Service Engineer is vendor certified in at least one (1) major compressed air system manufacturer, make-up air system, breathing air system, and has successfully completed a comprehensive Maintenance Instructor Course and is required to complete no less than 32 hours a year in additional training in the system most important to our customers.

Field Service Support Tools
All Field Service customers receive custom designed relationship management tools to insure complete and total customer satisfaction.

We provide the following tools to meet the contracted maintenance agreement service level.

Dedicated support phone line to provide direct and immediate access to Authorized Support personnel during normal business hours. A confidential email address that is for the sole use of the customer to communicate issues to us.
We have developed and implemented an Asset Management, Maintenance, and Repair System which allows us to capture all items in the List of Equipment as well as program maintenance data from the actual Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Repair activities.  This program gives an unprecedented view of equipment and maintenance.

Once the maintenance contract is awarded to Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. we will identify each piece of equipment in the SOW and place an inventory tag on it. That inventory tag will give each piece of equipment its own maintenance serial number. That number will be used in our computer based preventive maintenance program to track each piece of equipment each time it is serviced.
 The tracking will include the following:
        a. The equipment type
        b. Equipment location (building number or dock number)
        c. Tracking serial number
        d. Last date of service
        e. Serviced by whom
        f. Running hours (if available)
        g. Last service completed (oil, filters, etc.)
        h. Major future service schedule
        i. Parts used during the service

These reports are stored and can be printed out and distributed to the base POC if requested.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. will maintain the testing records for compliance of the environmental office.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. will conduct quarterly meetings with the base POC and contracting officer to review the last quarter maintenance and address any issues or concerns that anyone may have. We will also review any upcoming major equipment maintenance so that the maintenance can be scheduled around any work being completed in the shops.

The Dedicated Field Service Team
Aerospace Facilities Group prides itself on providing the most comprehensive, high quality service and support available in the industry. We achieve this level of service by insuring that our IN-HOUSE staff of trained Field Service Engineers becomes intimately familiar with your specific systems. Our Field Service Engineers are our employees, not subcontractors. Every Aerospace Facilities Group  employee passes a DMV (home state driving record of candidate is verified) and drug screening before being offered employment.

Our goal is to assign a Field Service Engineer to support a customer throughout the term of the contract whenever possible. This allows Aerospace Facilities Group and the customer to develop a keen understanding and awareness of your needs.

The better we know you, the better we can serve you!

Safety and IPP
Whether on or off the job, at Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. safety comes first. Not only will we meet your particular site safety requirements, we will strive to exceed those standards to insure a highest level of protection for our customers and staff.

From eye ware to steel toed boots and everything in between, our Field Service Engineers will be prepared.

Aerospace Facilities Group will develop a custom Health and Safety Program for the activity requesting maintenance service. We require and document that all  staff on-site are briefed and trained on all local safety rules, fire, emergency and injury contact procedures. This includes visual mapping, driving direction, contact names and numbers as well as general base information.

Aerospace Facilities Group also provides 24 hour emergency repairs to all equipment.

If you or anyone has any questions on our capabilities of maintaining your equipment please call on us. If anyone in the activity would like us to come out and discuss any current problems you’re having let us know.


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