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Humidity Control Systems® (H.C.S.®)

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. uses a unique horizontal bed design with over 30 years of proven technology to provide our customers with the smaller designed dehumidifier. Our Humidity Control System® (H.C.S.®) series ranges from 25 to 300 CFM (cubic feet/minute). We offer three standard sizes that both meets and exceeds the industries standards: H.C.S.® 50, 150, and 300. The units are delivered complete and ready to run with only electrical and ductwork connections needed for installation. Our H.C.S.® Series dehumidifier is the perfect addition to your environmental corrosion control for aircraft, AGE, buildings, and munitions storage.

All of Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. H.C.S.® equipment is portable. H.C.S.® can be used to control the corrosion on AGE, aircraft (such as F-15, F-16, F-22, F-35, C-17, KC-135, U-2), storage buildings and armament/munitions storage.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. H.C.S.® units come with a limited 3-year labor and material warranty. A 10-year pro-rated warranty is offered on Tension Fabric Structures.

How H.C.S.® Works
Our H.C.S® equipment removes moisture from the air by means of a desiccant: a substance that absorbs water (in a vapor state). This desiccant is impregnated into paper sheets which are wound into a wheel (called the rotor).

The rotor is divided into two sectioned air streams: the process section and the reactivation section. When the processed air is passed through the rotor, the moisture in the air stream is absorbed by the rotor, leaving the dried air to be sent to the designated space. The water from the processed air now will be removed from the rotor in order to continue the indefinite process. The reactivation air provides this task. The air stream is heated between 270°-310° F. This heat passes over the rotor and sets free the bound water. This air stream is extremely humid and is ducted outside.

Corrosion Prevention
All materials corrode, because every substance eventually changes from one form to another through chemical reactions. Many of these reactions, especially those which depend on oxygen, are catalyzed and accelerated by moisture. H.C.S.® works to protect materials from more subtle and expensive forms of corrosion.

No development costs: Humidity Control Systems® is commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology.

H.C.S.® Series
Mobility and Durability at Its Best

With portability being an important issue to the military, Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. has designed a line of dehumidifiers that can go anywhere and stands up to the toughest challenges planet Earth has to offer.

We construct our Portable Series so that it will last through the most extreme conditions time after time. Hot or cold, dry or wet, you need a dehumidifier that will do the job right the first time, every time. Rely on an Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. H.C.S.® desiccant dehumidifier to complete this task for you.

Both process and reactivation fans are centrifugal, direct drive, and include totally enclosed fan cooled motors. We also use higher static fans than the competition to provide the customer with the most powerful dehumidifiers in the industry.

Let us know what your personal drying needs are and we can custom build a H.C.S.® Series dehumidifier that is tailored just for you. From trailers to motorized vehicles, we can customize a unit to fit any need or configuration.

Installation and Service
Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. offers complete turn-key H.C.S® projects from site review, manufacturing, delivery, installation, training and service.

During the sizing stage of a job, we offer endless amounts of options to precisely solve humidity control problems. We offer everything from electronic temperature and humidity controllers to explosion proof designs. You name it, we can do it.

    • Tension Fabric Shelters
    • AGE Shelters
    • Aircraft Sun Shades 
    • Mobile Units
    • Humidistats
    • Weather proof construction
    • Structural skid
    • Explosion proof design
    • Heating control
    • Cooling control
    • High capacity filtration
    • Control sensors

Humidity Control System® (H.C.S®.)
Tension Fabric Shelters for AGE

For additional information on our H.C.S.® or if you would like to have an engineer come to your site, please give us a call.



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