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Hangar Door Repair

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. has extensive experience in repairing and installing all types of aircraft hangar doors, paint booth filter doors and filter plenum doors. These doors require specially trained and experienced technicians to ensure the doors work safely and reliably.

We can engineer a hangar door based on your needs and expectations. We also have hard to get repair parts and provide a cost effective solution to repairs.

Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. has worked at several Military bases installing and repairing hangar doors. Aerospace Facilities Group, Inc. is the sole maintenance provider for the USAF Thunderbird maintenance hangar and the F-22 Raptor repair facility both at Nellis AFB.

  • Single panel or multiple panel options
  • Paint Booth Panel Filter Doors
  • Bi-Folding Hangar Doors
  • Horizontal Hangar Doors
  • Hangar Canopy Doors
    • Telescopic Canopy Doors
    • Centerfold Canopy Doors
    • Braced Canopy Doors
    • Un-braced Canopy Doors
  • Aircraft Tail Hangar Doors
  • Vertical Lift Hangar Doors
  • Fabric Doors
  • Motor Operators, Manual Systems and Hydraulic Systems
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance Inspections and Maintenance on all Hangar Doors is recommended to insure safe and proper operation



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